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Stay comfortably at our hotel located by the sea in Mollösund

Wake up to an unbeatable view and enjoy a good breakfast on our terrace overlooking the sea.
The hotel is located in the heart of Mollösund, a few meters down to the harbour. Our rooms are located in the original building that dates back to the 1850's, each exudes its own unique character, while sharing the common ground that only a true West Coast inn can offer. If you have questions about accommodation, contact us at

Get to know Mollösund

Mollösund is an old, genuine fishing community located on the southwest tip of Orust. In the summer, the fairway outside is trafficked by thousands of boats and here there are lots of opportunities for swimming, shopping, hiking, restaurant visits and much, much more.

Book a table at our restaurant.

Relax and feel the calm of the sea while you enjoy a magical dinner with us at Wärds in Mollösund

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